Monday, July 19, 2010

y2.d56 | fml.

y2.d56 | fml., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

y2.d49 | if i could, i would be smoke.

and I’d float myself out of here...

this is inspired by this killer Tristan Prettyman tune. i'm psyched to read that after a year off, she back writing music... iv been a fan for quite some time now, and was lucky enough to catch her at the House of Blues in San Diego a few years back... great show.

Friday, May 28, 2010

y2.d47 | oh. if i had the strength to, i would leave you up to your own devices.

every pore.

that lyric has been swimming through my head all night.

the things we do and the decisions we make boggle the mind sometimes.

y2.d43 | this is not supposed to happen.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

y2.d41| i like your style, crazy pound pup.

shot in front of a seamless white. bricks (and graffiti) added with PS. can i pull this fedora off or do i just look like a moron?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

y2.d28 | so much we have dreamed, and we were so much younger, hard to explain that we are stronger.

my backdrop is my shower curtain. bathroom shots are often so awesome.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

y2.d27 | suburban rockstar.

y2.d27 | suburban rockstar., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

this shoot was just plain fun. My roommate is borrowing some studio lights from a pal, so we are playing with them a lot... and he just bought a fisheye, so i decided to do this silly rockstar shoot, cause i felt like it.

365y2 147


365y2 148

365y2 147

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

y2.d18 | mondays are my weekend.

y2.d18 | mondays are my weekend., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

anyone have an tips for me on blending my backgrounds into my images? i always feel like it looks so apparent that i've dropped in a background, even when i try to blend it, and adjust its DOF.

Monday, March 22, 2010

y2.d8 | snowing in georgia

y2.d8 | snowing in georgia, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

364/365 - oh yeah! alright! are you gonna be in my dreams tonight?

for those interested, that is my actual handwriting.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

358/365 - and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

who didnt read this book as a kid... seriously. roald dahl was a hero to kids 8-13.

im so happy with the way this came out. i randomly had the idea to do a big peach shot because of me living in georgia, and of course .1 second later my mind wandered to James and the Giant Peach. i started looking for shots of a peach that would be in high enough resolution that this would work, and i found one. then i found a suitable background, and the rest is flickstery.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

348/365 - sketchy.

348/365 - sketchy., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

this is my attempt at turning myself into a doodle. i used to doodle like crazy on my notes in class. sometimes my notes would be more doodle than anything else.

i was terrible at math in high school, and i had a math teacher for half of it that really hated me and used to pick on me cause i didnt get the concepts as fast. i dreaded those classes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

329/365 - empty house.

329/365 - empty house., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

a very common sight for me, but very UNcommon sight for most people is a large theatre, completely empty. this only dawned on me recently, but im always in huge theatres while teching a show, and the look of the space full with people is often very odd to me.

the part of a theatre with all the seats is called "the house" for those who dont know the terminology. i love sitting in an empty house, with dead silence, its very soothing. the best part of it is that you can hear people coming from a mile away, and if you are in a darker corner, and still... they might not even know you're there and just go on with their own business.

Monday, February 15, 2010

322/365 - gray's anatomy: fig. 1

322/365 - gray's anatomy: fig. 1, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i'v always liked those illustrated manuals that have labels of each part. not just of anatomy, but of all kinds of machines, and objects. i dig the way this eventually came out.

308/365 - into the light.

308/365 - into the light., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

camera mounted SB-22 shot sideways, bounced off glass and aluminum, camera right

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

305/365 - its written all over my face.

i love high key.

so today i had my first production meeting for the show im designing. it went well. i got my first look at the basic set design, and discussed concepts a bit. my plot should be done in about two weeks, after that is hell week x 2 because ill also be teching my first show at Georgia Ensemble Theatre. its gonna be a long, tiring week of prolly very quick 365s that dont get processed much... so enjoy the photoshopping while it lasts.

once you go white you never go back.... aite?

365 - 8.6.09

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

299/365 - staind by coffee, tea, and wine.

i had a blast doing this one. i used this really fantastic tutorial. im def going to be using this one again for some fun concert poster designs.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

295/365 - bad llama.

295/365 - bad llama., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

this guy wasnt shy when i entered the enclosure. he wanted to see what's up... and if you never have come face to face with a llama before... it can be a little creepy.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

283/365 - expecto patronum!

283/365 - expecto patronum!, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i love harry potter.

i was totally anti-potter when i started college, and it wasnt until the 4th book was just about to come out that my roommate at the time forced me to read the first one. i finished it in about 3 hours and immediately got in my car and bought the the 2 and 3, read them within the week, and greedily anticipated each book as they were released.

for those who havent read them. im sure you've heard it before, but ill also urge you to read them... they are so fun and entertaining... and its so easy to get into the story.

Harry Potter fun fact: expecto patronum is Latin for "i await a protector"

365 - 7.15.09

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

279/365 - properly, we should read for power. man reading should be man intensely alive. the book should be a ball of light in one's hand.

| Ezra Pound |

did any of you do this as a kid? i know i did. i was and still am a big reader. i feel sad for people who tell me they dont read for fun at all, and never have in their lives. they are so missing out.

in this particular shot im reading Pygmy, the newest novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck wrote Fight Club, to those who arnt familiar. i've read everything he's written... hes def one of my favorite authors.

i have a TON of outtakes from this shoot. not only do i have multiple pics, but i processed this like 10 different ways... so much trouble deciding what to do with it, but in the end, i went with my least processed version.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

278/365 - ooo-wee-ooo i look just like Buddy Holly.

first of all, thank you for sending this guy, albeit very briefly, to explore. i havent made it in there in awhile, so that feels nice. its always those shots that you never think will come near getting any views or comments that are the runaway favorites.

oh you just gotta...

im not sure where the day went today. one minute i was waking up, and boom, im here editing my photo already. crazy. happy weekend everyone... i know ill enjoy mine while i can... looks like im booked up for work the rest of the month.

365 - 7.10.09

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

272/365 - these colors don't run.

272/365 - these colors don't run., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

a very special thank you to all the men and women, home and abroad, that risk their lives everyday for the freedom that we often take for granted. without you, this wouldnt be the country we all love.

i cant believe it took 272 photos to do a selective color shot. i would have thought my ideas would have dried up after like the first week, and i would have done a ton of these.

Happy Birthday America, Happy Independence Day everyone.

365 - 7.4.09

Monday, July 13, 2009

271/365 - an abandoned slice of america

Athens, GA

coming from the north to the deep south im still getting used to how prevalent trains are here. in the north, when you say train, most people think commuter trains, but down here, railroad tracks criss cross all over town carrying all the essential things that keep america's proverbial wheels turning. This is an abandoned section of track and i think is pretty fucking cool, and i know ill be back at for more shots.

in other news. remember the hell on earth show i did last week. well the "theatre company" if you can call them that complained about how their show went, and now they won't schedule us for work until there are some meeting to sort out what happened. it makes me angry that a group of unprofessional, uncourteous, rude, and frankly clueless people can affect us hard working technicians from getting work and a paycheck. as a freelancer, i live paycheck to paycheck a lot, so getting work scheduled is a big deal for me. im sure it will be sorted out in the next couple days, but its the principal, you know?

finally. (whew) the sky in this comes from another one of my shots i took during this shoot... i had my F-Stop wrong on this particular one, so thank you photoshop.

can ya see me up there?

365 - 7.3.09

Thursday, July 09, 2009

267/365 - georgia is melting... this is how we deal.

big big big big big........................................................ big.

shannon was all too eager to help me with today's shot. i wonder why? hint: shes not behind the camera.

anyway.. it was another scorcher today. we are watching another dog this week and she decided that she'd make a break for it today. i ran around the entire neighborhood at full sprint for about 30 min chasing her.

365 - 6.29.09

Saturday, July 04, 2009

264/365 - the show from hell.

264/365 - the show from hell., originally uploaded by B Rosen.


i had a long day.

i got up at 5:45am and drove into work... rush hour in atlanta... so i arrived at about 7:45. at 9am i developed a migraine. as i type this, i still have it, at 12:16am, saturday.

to make things better, the company that was mounting the play tonight was extremely unprofessional, rude, and clueless on how a show is produced, mounted, and teched. they made a lot of mistakes that they blamed on us the staff, and it all made for a very frustrating night. all you who follow me on twitter got to read along with some of it.

its all ok tho. tomorrow im going to see the red sox play the braves!!!!! woooooo!!

365 - 6.26.09

Friday, July 03, 2009

262/365 - my hair shrunk.

262/365 - my hair shrunk., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

this doesnt make my hair look longer... just bigger.

theres no way i can hide my head for a couple weeks... so here it is in all its short glory. i went to trim my hair yesterday, and hit a snag, taking waaay to much off a patch in the front... so i had to shave my head to this short. ahhh i hate how i look with short hair.

my interview with the Georgia Ensemble Theatre went really awesome today tho. they talked to me both about doing some design work, and also about a master electrician position for next season... really great, esp since they called me. so, im a happy camper...

this hair feel soooo weird.

365 - 6.24.09

Thursday, June 18, 2009

255/365 - capturing light in jar.

255/365 - capturing light in jar., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

a very special thanks to shannon for helping me catch fireflies. it was like i was 10 years old again!

so this is a long exposure, and it took some work, and several tries to get the general look that i was trying to achieve.

fireflies are so cool... and so freaking hard to photograph.

a little more about how i did this:
its an 86 second exposure in a completely dark room
1. id shake the jar a little bit, and hit the shutter.
2. cover the lens and flash a flashlight at the little guys, which makes them flash back
3. briefly shine the flashlight on my face for that side of the exposure.
4. using my flashlight app on my iPhone, paint some light on the jar.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

208/365 - hamthrax

208/365 - hamthrax, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

ahhh! panic is setting in!!

keep this in mind people. the infection rate for swine flu in the US is extremely likely to fall well below the normal flu rate that occurs in this country every winter, and this strain is relatively mild compared to what we are all used to getting every year.

so next time you're in the bank and someone yells at the person in front of them in line for sneezing, tell them to skip the flu shot and take a chill pill.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

198/365 - all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.

| J.R.R. Tolkien |
little by little, one travels far.

today was that spring day that you remember from year to year. the sun shining bright with the big puffy clouds. perfect temperature, perfect humidity... no allergies bothering you, no harsh sunlight. the kind of day where you just walk outside and stand there, just because.

im aiming for a good week. who's with me?

tweet this on twitter.

365 - 4.21.09

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

184/365 - enjoy coca-cola

184/365 - enjoy coca-cola, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

im actually a pepsi guy myself. but how f-ing cool is this old brick wall coke ad?

Atlanta is a coke town obviously. its made here, the world of Coca-Cola factory is here...etc... but iv always liked pepsi better. i might nix the whole soda thing for a couple months to drop some pounds... they say you can lose 10 in a month just by cutting out soda... even diet, which is all i drink.

oh! also, this sign is across the street from the restaurant REM owns called the Grit. i took some shots of that too while i was there.. ill post them later.

Here's an alternate to this shot. i originally wanted to go vintage with this... but i really liked the vibrant colors with my first version. but in its own way... the retro version was fun enough that i wanted to share.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

181/365 - buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

oh im so happy is baseball season.
i also have missed being in a baseball town. i lived in Boston for years just blocks away from Fenway Park, and im a huge sox fan... luckily the Braves are in the national league, so i dont mind cheering them on!

This was my first game a Turner Field, an exhibition before the regular season started. We played the Detroit Tigers, whom VERY rarely make it down here to play (last time was in '07) so it was extra awesome because shannon is from Detroit, and screamed her head off for the Tigers.

Detroit won, (boooo) but we all had a really awesome time, minus the horrible sunburn (see tomorrow's shot) Also, what could be a cooler location to play with a fisheye than a baseball stadium right?

Oh... and check out these sweet seats... we could talk to matt diaz in LF.. he was really funny dealing with all the yells to him. i was praying for a homer to our side... we def would have gotten the ball.

Friday, April 03, 2009

178/365 - spin cycle

178/365 - spin cycle, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

you spin me right round baby...

the tragic part of this shot is that i forgot the camera was in there, started the washer and walked away.
i thought long and hard about this shot because i knew it would be entered in the second round of the march madness photo contest im in. its up against one of my contacts blue eyed floozy who has some incredible shots on her photostream so im pretty nervous. i feel like a 12 seed going against a 1 seed. fingers crossed!
still raining like crazy here preventing me from fisheye fun outside. im bummed. i have a 2 week rental, and all its done is rain since iv gotten it. one lousy day of partial sunshine. im still having a blast with it tho, as you can see by this shot.
oh... and april fools... my camera is fine... i didnt leave it in the washer. :D

365 - 4.1.09

oh. and for those interested.
the ceiling is covered with a huge white sheet to make it look nicer... which is acting as the perfect soft box to have my 575w ETC Source 4 Par, no color aimed at.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

176/365 - french cuffs

176/365 - french cuffs, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i won this sweet fisheye rental from and im having tons of fun with it... i just wish the stupid rain would go away so i can really get some miles out of it.

ps. how rare is it for me to be dressed up right? i can count the number of times per year on one hand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

167/365 - the camera's only job is to get out of the way of making photographs.

| Ken Rockwell |

a frustrating day trying to get a suitable shot for today. i took a walk into Piedmont Park, and while there are a million different awesome places and things to shoot, i still havent quite gotten over my timidness to set-up my tripod and camera in front of a giant group of people and start photographing myself.
i did manage to get a shot off tho, but i wasnt super pleased with it... you'll likely see if after the 365 is done, and i start giving you alternates and outtakes.

in the park i saw someone who had hired a plane to fly around dragging a banner asking his gf to marry him. i didnt know people really did that.

anyway. after my stroll in the park, i strolled to starbucks and on the way, walked by this marble wall, and without any aiming, and a quick ISO tweak got this one, and when i saw it, i knew i had it.


as it was meant to be seen.

i dont feel like this got much attention on my stream. i dig the way this came out. mostly because i worked hard on getting the color i wanted just right, and also it looks like its textured with a really rad texture, when in fact, its not textured at all, its just the reflective surface. i'd pay to get my hands on a texture like that tho.

365 - 3.21.09

Saturday, March 14, 2009

158/365 - we have ways of making you talk

Evil Twin!

i decided it was time. It's gonna rain all the rest of the week and weekend, so i knew my shots would be inside for awhile.

The dogs didnt even care what i was doing today, they just ran around the yard and didnt come near me. even as i carted all this stuff outside, set up the light, etc.

Here's the setup:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

autumn on the bridge

autumn on the bridge, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

Fayetteville, WV

get a better view...

they cant all be shots of my for my 365 right? This is my niece Autumn. shannon and i made a visit to my sister's in WV to do some snowboarding and the visit. we had fun, and so did she!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

147/365 - um...what?

147/365 - um...what?, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

SOOC bitches!

The worst snowstorm Northern Georgia has seen since 1993. let me tell you.


they dont have plows down here... or sand trucks... or powerlines that can support snow... or trees that can support snow... 50,000 homes lost power, including us, we just had it restored a couple hours ago after not having it for over 36 hours.
20 mile pile-ups on the highway, and the entire city completely shut down. trees down everywhere blocking streets, intersections, on top of houses. and of course me, from the Northeast with my little car with snowtires putting around like its nothing, with my gf in her jeep doing the same.


oh, did i mention the weather is calling for sunny and a high of 75 on saturday. WHAT?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

141/365 - autumn again.

141/365 - autumn again., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

georgia never really gets to winter for very long. it seems like it goes autumn, winter for a week or two, back to autumn with some spring days thrown in for good measure. today was autumn again. nice and sunny, chilly, but not cold. sweatshirt weather...where you dont really mind walking or standing outside, but you're aware its not warm. the air is crisp, and you can honestly say "its a good day to be alive" the fall colors however are absent, so i thought i'd go retro/lomo/holga/light leaky for this one. overboard?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

132/365 - amor

132/365 - amor, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

happy valentines day! me and shan dont really let hallmark tell us what to do, but that doesnt mean we arnt in the spirit. ♥

for those interested... this is close to SOOC... my light source is a theatrical light. a 575 watt ETC Source 4 Par with a cut of Rosco 26 (medium pink) about 3 feet behind us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

128/365 - celebrate we will.

128/365 - celebrate we will., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i was leery to do this pic, because of the no doubt shit ill get for it, but in the end. this tat meant a lot to me because a major chunk of my life, and awesome and important memories, amazing friends, etc are because of these guys. i like to think a little piece of who i am is because of that music, so while a lot of people will say its totally cliche to get a "band tattoo"... eff them. its been 3 years and i dont regret it. (shout out to Ink Inc in New York who inked me.)

iv photographed DMB both professionally and for my own amusement. i legally can't post most of the professional shots on flickr, but they can be found over at weekly davespeak. The shots i just took from my seat for fun are all in my DMB live collection.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harley and Me.

Harley and Me., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

he sat next to me on the couch pretty much the whole time i was home in CT. he misses me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

110/365 - work work work.

110/365 - work work work., originally uploaded by B Rosen.


for those that dont know, im a lighting designer by trade. if you ever have gone to a theatre to see a show, or a concert, etc, i am the person responsible for all the lighting. That entails designing what types of lights get used, where they get aimed, what color gets put into them, and then writing cues to determine when they come on and off, at what intensity, etc.

Any Lighting Designer is inevitably also a stage electrician when he or she isnt designing. so this is me at work tonight running the lightboard for the current show at the theatre i work at in Atlanta. to give my job a little more emphasis (ha! i just made a tech theatre joke that none of you will get...) im posting this SOOC so you get a sense of the actual color used in my field.

id be super psyched if you cared to take a look at some pics of shows i have designed in the past, both theatre and concerts.

365 - 1.23.09

Thursday, January 22, 2009

107/365 - Change

107/365 - Change, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

President Barack Obama. has a nice ring to it. i'm looking forward to an era of change and growth for america.