Wednesday, December 02, 2009

283/365 - expecto patronum!

283/365 - expecto patronum!, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i love harry potter.

i was totally anti-potter when i started college, and it wasnt until the 4th book was just about to come out that my roommate at the time forced me to read the first one. i finished it in about 3 hours and immediately got in my car and bought the the 2 and 3, read them within the week, and greedily anticipated each book as they were released.

for those who havent read them. im sure you've heard it before, but ill also urge you to read them... they are so fun and entertaining... and its so easy to get into the story.

Harry Potter fun fact: expecto patronum is Latin for "i await a protector"

365 - 7.15.09


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