Monday, July 13, 2009

271/365 - an abandoned slice of america

Athens, GA

coming from the north to the deep south im still getting used to how prevalent trains are here. in the north, when you say train, most people think commuter trains, but down here, railroad tracks criss cross all over town carrying all the essential things that keep america's proverbial wheels turning. This is an abandoned section of track and i think is pretty fucking cool, and i know ill be back at for more shots.

in other news. remember the hell on earth show i did last week. well the "theatre company" if you can call them that complained about how their show went, and now they won't schedule us for work until there are some meeting to sort out what happened. it makes me angry that a group of unprofessional, uncourteous, rude, and frankly clueless people can affect us hard working technicians from getting work and a paycheck. as a freelancer, i live paycheck to paycheck a lot, so getting work scheduled is a big deal for me. im sure it will be sorted out in the next couple days, but its the principal, you know?

finally. (whew) the sky in this comes from another one of my shots i took during this shoot... i had my F-Stop wrong on this particular one, so thank you photoshop.

can ya see me up there?

365 - 7.3.09


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