Saturday, July 04, 2009

264/365 - the show from hell.

264/365 - the show from hell., originally uploaded by B Rosen.


i had a long day.

i got up at 5:45am and drove into work... rush hour in atlanta... so i arrived at about 7:45. at 9am i developed a migraine. as i type this, i still have it, at 12:16am, saturday.

to make things better, the company that was mounting the play tonight was extremely unprofessional, rude, and clueless on how a show is produced, mounted, and teched. they made a lot of mistakes that they blamed on us the staff, and it all made for a very frustrating night. all you who follow me on twitter got to read along with some of it.

its all ok tho. tomorrow im going to see the red sox play the braves!!!!! woooooo!!

365 - 6.26.09


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