Wednesday, April 08, 2009

184/365 - enjoy coca-cola

184/365 - enjoy coca-cola, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

im actually a pepsi guy myself. but how f-ing cool is this old brick wall coke ad?

Atlanta is a coke town obviously. its made here, the world of Coca-Cola factory is here...etc... but iv always liked pepsi better. i might nix the whole soda thing for a couple months to drop some pounds... they say you can lose 10 in a month just by cutting out soda... even diet, which is all i drink.

oh! also, this sign is across the street from the restaurant REM owns called the Grit. i took some shots of that too while i was there.. ill post them later.

Here's an alternate to this shot. i originally wanted to go vintage with this... but i really liked the vibrant colors with my first version. but in its own way... the retro version was fun enough that i wanted to share.


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