Wednesday, March 04, 2009

147/365 - um...what?

147/365 - um...what?, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

SOOC bitches!

The worst snowstorm Northern Georgia has seen since 1993. let me tell you.


they dont have plows down here... or sand trucks... or powerlines that can support snow... or trees that can support snow... 50,000 homes lost power, including us, we just had it restored a couple hours ago after not having it for over 36 hours.
20 mile pile-ups on the highway, and the entire city completely shut down. trees down everywhere blocking streets, intersections, on top of houses. and of course me, from the Northeast with my little car with snowtires putting around like its nothing, with my gf in her jeep doing the same.


oh, did i mention the weather is calling for sunny and a high of 75 on saturday. WHAT?


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