Wednesday, January 28, 2009

110/365 - work work work.

110/365 - work work work., originally uploaded by B Rosen.


for those that dont know, im a lighting designer by trade. if you ever have gone to a theatre to see a show, or a concert, etc, i am the person responsible for all the lighting. That entails designing what types of lights get used, where they get aimed, what color gets put into them, and then writing cues to determine when they come on and off, at what intensity, etc.

Any Lighting Designer is inevitably also a stage electrician when he or she isnt designing. so this is me at work tonight running the lightboard for the current show at the theatre i work at in Atlanta. to give my job a little more emphasis (ha! i just made a tech theatre joke that none of you will get...) im posting this SOOC so you get a sense of the actual color used in my field.

id be super psyched if you cared to take a look at some pics of shows i have designed in the past, both theatre and concerts.

365 - 1.23.09


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