Tuesday, April 07, 2009

181/365 - buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

oh im so happy is baseball season.
i also have missed being in a baseball town. i lived in Boston for years just blocks away from Fenway Park, and im a huge sox fan... luckily the Braves are in the national league, so i dont mind cheering them on!

This was my first game a Turner Field, an exhibition before the regular season started. We played the Detroit Tigers, whom VERY rarely make it down here to play (last time was in '07) so it was extra awesome because shannon is from Detroit, and screamed her head off for the Tigers.

Detroit won, (boooo) but we all had a really awesome time, minus the horrible sunburn (see tomorrow's shot) Also, what could be a cooler location to play with a fisheye than a baseball stadium right?

Oh... and check out these sweet seats... we could talk to matt diaz in LF.. he was really funny dealing with all the yells to him. i was praying for a homer to our side... we def would have gotten the ball.


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