Sunday, March 26, 2006


Solo, originally uploaded by DMBFreakNo41.

Didnt this come out cool? i love that lone dude down there... i used a sweet filter on the camera to get the blue hue...the storm was rolling in at just the right time (yes storm in San Diego... dont get me started) anyway...if you have a flickr account, do me a favor, and click the pic, and then add it as a favorite, and make a comment. if you dont have a flickr account...why the hell not?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cocktail Glow

Cocktail Glow, originally uploaded by DMBFreakNo41.

I dig this one i took at a bar in SD. They have one of those table top arcade games from the 80s out near the dance floor that essentially just gets used as a table, but it gives off that cool errie blue glow while the DJ is spinning was a good drunken night.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

San Diego Sunset

San Diego Sunset, originally uploaded by DMBFreakNo41.

The first of many San Diego shots that will be blogged. i took a ton of pics of this sunset, which you will eventually be able to look at if you check out my SD photoset by click this, or any of my pics. Im putting my SD pics up slowly tho, so i can get certain pictures into groups, get more comments, and hopefully get my 2nd pic in the Flickr top 10 of the day.

Be-te-dub..... thanks for the recent ammount of photoblog love i been getting...lots more people checking it out regularly now. you all rock!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sunset on the Road

Sunset on the Road, originally uploaded by DMBFreakNo41.

If i remember correctly this was on the Virginia/North Carolina line, just as the sun was going down. Pretty.


Rims, originally uploaded by DMBFreakNo41.

Stuck in Washington D.C. traffic on the way to South Carolina. This is thewie and i packed in to his car for 16 hours.

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision, originally uploaded by DMBFreakNo41.

One of my favorite shots from this weeks road trip to South Carolina. This was in the Baltimore tunnel, i took an asston of these, and this is the one i liked best.