Wednesday, February 24, 2010

348/365 - sketchy.

348/365 - sketchy., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

this is my attempt at turning myself into a doodle. i used to doodle like crazy on my notes in class. sometimes my notes would be more doodle than anything else.

i was terrible at math in high school, and i had a math teacher for half of it that really hated me and used to pick on me cause i didnt get the concepts as fast. i dreaded those classes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

329/365 - empty house.

329/365 - empty house., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

a very common sight for me, but very UNcommon sight for most people is a large theatre, completely empty. this only dawned on me recently, but im always in huge theatres while teching a show, and the look of the space full with people is often very odd to me.

the part of a theatre with all the seats is called "the house" for those who dont know the terminology. i love sitting in an empty house, with dead silence, its very soothing. the best part of it is that you can hear people coming from a mile away, and if you are in a darker corner, and still... they might not even know you're there and just go on with their own business.

Monday, February 15, 2010

322/365 - gray's anatomy: fig. 1

322/365 - gray's anatomy: fig. 1, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i'v always liked those illustrated manuals that have labels of each part. not just of anatomy, but of all kinds of machines, and objects. i dig the way this eventually came out.

308/365 - into the light.

308/365 - into the light., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

camera mounted SB-22 shot sideways, bounced off glass and aluminum, camera right