Saturday, April 25, 2009

198/365 - all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.

| J.R.R. Tolkien |
little by little, one travels far.

today was that spring day that you remember from year to year. the sun shining bright with the big puffy clouds. perfect temperature, perfect humidity... no allergies bothering you, no harsh sunlight. the kind of day where you just walk outside and stand there, just because.

im aiming for a good week. who's with me?

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365 - 4.21.09

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

184/365 - enjoy coca-cola

184/365 - enjoy coca-cola, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

im actually a pepsi guy myself. but how f-ing cool is this old brick wall coke ad?

Atlanta is a coke town obviously. its made here, the world of Coca-Cola factory is here...etc... but iv always liked pepsi better. i might nix the whole soda thing for a couple months to drop some pounds... they say you can lose 10 in a month just by cutting out soda... even diet, which is all i drink.

oh! also, this sign is across the street from the restaurant REM owns called the Grit. i took some shots of that too while i was there.. ill post them later.

Here's an alternate to this shot. i originally wanted to go vintage with this... but i really liked the vibrant colors with my first version. but in its own way... the retro version was fun enough that i wanted to share.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

181/365 - buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

oh im so happy is baseball season.
i also have missed being in a baseball town. i lived in Boston for years just blocks away from Fenway Park, and im a huge sox fan... luckily the Braves are in the national league, so i dont mind cheering them on!

This was my first game a Turner Field, an exhibition before the regular season started. We played the Detroit Tigers, whom VERY rarely make it down here to play (last time was in '07) so it was extra awesome because shannon is from Detroit, and screamed her head off for the Tigers.

Detroit won, (boooo) but we all had a really awesome time, minus the horrible sunburn (see tomorrow's shot) Also, what could be a cooler location to play with a fisheye than a baseball stadium right?

Oh... and check out these sweet seats... we could talk to matt diaz in LF.. he was really funny dealing with all the yells to him. i was praying for a homer to our side... we def would have gotten the ball.

Friday, April 03, 2009

178/365 - spin cycle

178/365 - spin cycle, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

you spin me right round baby...

the tragic part of this shot is that i forgot the camera was in there, started the washer and walked away.
i thought long and hard about this shot because i knew it would be entered in the second round of the march madness photo contest im in. its up against one of my contacts blue eyed floozy who has some incredible shots on her photostream so im pretty nervous. i feel like a 12 seed going against a 1 seed. fingers crossed!
still raining like crazy here preventing me from fisheye fun outside. im bummed. i have a 2 week rental, and all its done is rain since iv gotten it. one lousy day of partial sunshine. im still having a blast with it tho, as you can see by this shot.
oh... and april fools... my camera is fine... i didnt leave it in the washer. :D

365 - 4.1.09

oh. and for those interested.
the ceiling is covered with a huge white sheet to make it look nicer... which is acting as the perfect soft box to have my 575w ETC Source 4 Par, no color aimed at.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

176/365 - french cuffs

176/365 - french cuffs, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

i won this sweet fisheye rental from and im having tons of fun with it... i just wish the stupid rain would go away so i can really get some miles out of it.

ps. how rare is it for me to be dressed up right? i can count the number of times per year on one hand.