Thursday, June 18, 2009

255/365 - capturing light in jar.

255/365 - capturing light in jar., originally uploaded by B Rosen.

a very special thanks to shannon for helping me catch fireflies. it was like i was 10 years old again!

so this is a long exposure, and it took some work, and several tries to get the general look that i was trying to achieve.

fireflies are so cool... and so freaking hard to photograph.

a little more about how i did this:
its an 86 second exposure in a completely dark room
1. id shake the jar a little bit, and hit the shutter.
2. cover the lens and flash a flashlight at the little guys, which makes them flash back
3. briefly shine the flashlight on my face for that side of the exposure.
4. using my flashlight app on my iPhone, paint some light on the jar.