Tuesday, March 24, 2009

167/365 - the camera's only job is to get out of the way of making photographs.

| Ken Rockwell |

a frustrating day trying to get a suitable shot for today. i took a walk into Piedmont Park, and while there are a million different awesome places and things to shoot, i still havent quite gotten over my timidness to set-up my tripod and camera in front of a giant group of people and start photographing myself.
i did manage to get a shot off tho, but i wasnt super pleased with it... you'll likely see if after the 365 is done, and i start giving you alternates and outtakes.

in the park i saw someone who had hired a plane to fly around dragging a banner asking his gf to marry him. i didnt know people really did that.

anyway. after my stroll in the park, i strolled to starbucks and on the way, walked by this marble wall, and without any aiming, and a quick ISO tweak got this one, and when i saw it, i knew i had it.


as it was meant to be seen.

i dont feel like this got much attention on my stream. i dig the way this came out. mostly because i worked hard on getting the color i wanted just right, and also it looks like its textured with a really rad texture, when in fact, its not textured at all, its just the reflective surface. i'd pay to get my hands on a texture like that tho.

365 - 3.21.09

Saturday, March 14, 2009

158/365 - we have ways of making you talk

Evil Twin!

i decided it was time. It's gonna rain all the rest of the week and weekend, so i knew my shots would be inside for awhile.

The dogs didnt even care what i was doing today, they just ran around the yard and didnt come near me. even as i carted all this stuff outside, set up the light, etc.

Here's the setup:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

autumn on the bridge

autumn on the bridge, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

Fayetteville, WV

get a better view...

they cant all be shots of my for my 365 right? This is my niece Autumn. shannon and i made a visit to my sister's in WV to do some snowboarding and the visit. we had fun, and so did she!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

147/365 - um...what?

147/365 - um...what?, originally uploaded by B Rosen.

SOOC bitches!

The worst snowstorm Northern Georgia has seen since 1993. let me tell you.


they dont have plows down here... or sand trucks... or powerlines that can support snow... or trees that can support snow... 50,000 homes lost power, including us, we just had it restored a couple hours ago after not having it for over 36 hours.
20 mile pile-ups on the highway, and the entire city completely shut down. trees down everywhere blocking streets, intersections, on top of houses. and of course me, from the Northeast with my little car with snowtires putting around like its nothing, with my gf in her jeep doing the same.


oh, did i mention the weather is calling for sunny and a high of 75 on saturday. WHAT?